Resolve Spectrum services not starting up after performing a reinstall


Spectrum services are not starting up and throwing an unrelated error that occurred before reinstall.

Wrapper log entry mentioned connecting to running repository, although Spectrum service start is attempted after reinstall.
Log entry - " [Neo4jExternalBean] Connecting to running Repository instance"


Java zombie processes for Neo4j and elasticsearch existed on Spectrum server.
These processes were not cleaned properly even after server.stop script was executed to stop all Spectrum processes.
As a result, some Spectrum Java processes became zombies, with parent process id as 1.

When server.start script was executed, Spectrum was connecting to an older process instance for Neo4j causing conflicts.


UPDATED: June 1, 2018

Workaround : Manually stopping orphaned Spectrum Java processes (Neo4j and elastic search) have resolved the issue.

Find Java processes running on the server using command "ps -aef | grep Java"
Identify and stop Spectrum related processes (neo4j, elasticsearch, server, wrapper) manually using command "kill -9"

Start Spectrum services with server.start script.

Permanent Fix:  Product fix to avoid zombie / orphaned processes is scheduled for Spectrum 13.0. After this fix, sever.stop script will ensure to stop all Spectrum processes correctly without leaving them as orphaned.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: All Unix flavors


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