Resolving Applying Different Master Message Template not working in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Message/Master templates



Changing a Master Message template in a Message Template in Portrait Dialogue Fails.  The original Master Template remains applied.

The scenario is like this in Portrait Dialogue :
  • Create an Emarketing Mail Master Message Template.
  • Create a Message Template is using an 
    .Emarketing Mail Master Message Template
  • Create a second version of the Emarketing Mail Master Message Template with some changes.
  • Try to Change the Master Template.
    • To do this, go to the Design tab In the Message Template Editor, click on the Master Template icon and select Change master template (or just press F6)
    • Select another Emarketing Mail Master Message Template.
The reapply process fails, leaving the message as is.  
There are no error messages.



We have seen the problem to be due to overuse of Content Objects, using them to produce all items in the message.
The second Master Message Template uses different Content Objects resulting in a mismatch of allowed items.
The cause is considered to be user error.


UPDATED: October 24, 2017
Simplify the message template.
Be careful with the use of Content Objects in Master Message Templates.