Resolve error 'Circle Systems failed to create output file' while exporting a foucus in Spectrum Miner



Error 'Circle Systems failed to create output file' is encounterd while exporting a foucs in Spectrum Miner.

Following error is Output tab of the Export window.

Running qsexportstat -verbose.stdout -input C:\SprctrumMiner\ -output \\remotelocation\Shared_Folder.xlsx -type excelx -overwrite
13:20:41: Opening focus C:\MinerData\ - 0.0%
13:20:41: Loading focus - 0.0%
13:20:42: Exporting data to statistical dataset - 5.0%
13:20:42: Selecting - 5.0%
13:20:42: Saving - 99.0%
13:20:42: Saving - Saving records - 99.0%
13:20:46: Saving - 99.0%
Stat/Transfer - Command Processor (c) 1986-2010 Circle Systems, Inc.
Version 10.1.1752.1018 - 32 Bit Windows

User:    OEM - Portrait Software
Status:    License OK
Transferring from ASCII/Text File - Delimited: C:\PortraitMiner_7.0A\shared\tmp\circlesystem9149834457029364836.txt
Input file has 41 variables
Transferring to Excel 2007: C:\PortraitMiner_7.0A\shared\tmp\circlesystem2058102738634584368..xlsx

100000 cases were transferred(24.21 seconds)

13:21:10: {P1/2/2Hm3071Pd2048Pi52Pw40Um0Fs0Fh1785Fc0Fp0}
qsexportstat failed: Circle Systems failed to create output file


There can be many possible reasons for this error to occur. One of the possbile reasons could be 'File Name' not specified while exporting the focus.


UPDATED: November 21, 2017
While exporting a focus, it is mandatory to specify the file name along with location where file is going to be exported.