Resolve results not being refined from the GeoComplete module post upgrade in Spectrum


A REST request with a StreetName and Country is run against the GeoComplete module in Spectrum™. A list of all matching candidates are returned. The request is run again with the PostalCode along with the data in the first request to narrow down the list of matches.But both results are identical. Running these requests again on another machine with the same version of Spectrum and data narrows down the results.


There is an issue either with the data or the upgrade has left files over from the previous version.   


UPDATED: October 27, 2017

Corrupt data can be ruled out by comparing the byte sizes of the data files across two installs. If using Windows please note Windows explorer rounds the size up when the folder is explored so each file should be right clicked on to get the accurate byte size. If the file sizes mismatch reinstall the data.
Check the <spectrum_home>/server/modules/geocomplete/lib folder for .jar files left behind from a previous upgrade. For example:-  geocomplete-5.3, .5.jar geocomplete-6.6.jar. Only the latest version of each .jar is needed.
Check the <spectrum_home>/server/app/deploy folder for older versions of .car and .console files for Geocomplete. If an upgrade has been done from v12 to v12.1 the .car and .console files should only have one version of each which are and geocomplete-12.1.console
Shut down the Spectrum server and delete all older versions of files as indicated above.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Spectrum, Data Quality / Return Codes



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