EngageOne Vault selecting wrong profile during ingestion


When loading a document into Vault, the wrong profile is selected causing ingestion failure because profile selected has different input and journal type specified.


When Vault loads document, it checks the first 15 characters of the input file name and looks for the FIRST match in the filemap.  Once it finds a match, it will deploy the setting for the profile specified for that file map.

The filemap declares the profile that will be selected for the loading activity, and the profile contains information about the stream being loaded (AFP, Postscript, PDF, Metacode (and all other supported streams)), and the type of Journal (whether text or XML). 

For example if the filemap is setup as follows:


And the name of the input document is ABCDEF_12345_01112017.pdf, it will select the DEF match from the filemap because this is the FIRST match it finds.


UPDATED: June 11, 2018

The order of the options in the filemap is important, it will always select the first match it finds, so if the intention is for documents that start ABC to use the ABC filemap\profile, then this option MUST be first in the list of filemaps.


Environment Details

Product Feature: Loader
Versions affected: all


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