Resolve 'Failed to acquire more user connection' in Sagent


While running plan, 'Failed to acquire more user connection' error is encountered. User needs to restart the Sagent Dataflow service.

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In Sagent admin, 'There are too many clients connected to the Data Flow service' error is encountered.

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When the number of session created from various Sagent clients (Design Studio, Information Studio, sarun or weblink), exceeds the value of 'MaxConnections' parameter, this error is encountered. This mostly occurs if the users do not LOGOFF properly from the Sagent clients.

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UPDATED: December 26, 2017

Possible workaround/resolution to this issue is:
  • Ensure that all users are logging off properly instead of directly closing the Sagent client.
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  • Set a value in 'ClientConnectionTimeout' parameter (in minutes), so after this duration the client session is terminated automatically. This reduces the number of client sessions on the Dataflow server.
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PS: In case a plan is already running on the DFS, it waits for the plan to get completed and then the client session gets terminated.

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Product Feature: DataFlow Server


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