Resolve decimal places getting ignored in German locale using Data Flow server in Solaris


On a German locale machine when converting and calculating the numbers with decimal format in Expression calculator, the decimal places are ignored.


Possible root cause could be the difference in locale of Solaris box and MainWin setting.


UPDATED: November 8, 2017

Below are the steps required to make locale of MainWin to be same with Solaris box:
  • On the Solaris box navigate to the Sagent Installation folder.
  • Execute .sagentrc with the following command: '-bash-3.00$ . ./.sagentrc'.
  • Check the status of Dataflow services using command 'sagent stat' and if running stop the services using command 'sagent stop'
  • Change the directory to: /mw/bin-sunos5_optimized.
  • Ensure the display is properly set on Solaris Box.
  • Execute the following command: ./mwcontrol. The MainWin Control Panel dialog box appears.
  • Double click on Regional Settings. The Regional Settings Properties dialog box appears.
  • On the Regional Settings tab, select 'German (standard)' . Also, ensure that the 'Number' tab has the correct regional values (decimal separator set to ‘,’).
  • Click OK.
  • Start the Dataflow services and try running the plan again.
If the issue is still not resolved, contact client support.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Data Flow Server
Operating System: Solaris


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