EngageOne Generate V4.4.x splitting input data when no inclusion conditions or sort rules applied

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)
Versions affected: 4.4.x


During the pre-release testing of EngageOne® Server 4.4GA, performance testing for Engineering related to the new pass-through mode for delivery channels with no sort rule or inclusion condition seems to indicate that the input file is still split into individual input (which it should not do if no inclusion conditions or sort rules are applied).

Furthermore, the split is failing if the input contains a large number of documents and the process is being forcibly killed.

XML input data is also being automatically split, which is unnecessary in the new pass-through mode.


An output variable other than ${COMPOSITION-DATE}, ${SYSTEM-TIME} or ${INCREMENT} was used causing the data to be split.  In this instance RUN_DATE which should be treated in the same way as COMPOSITION_DATE.

The process being killed was caused by lack of memory on the OS, causing the process to be shut down by the system, not EngageOne related.


UPDATED: February 15, 2019
EngageOne will always split the input data if any of the following conditions are true (including XML data):
  • When more than one template is specified in the trigger file
  • When more than one delivery channel is connected to a delivery option
  • When using a sort rule
  • When using an inclusion condition
  • When using any output variable - apart from ${COMPOSITION-DATE}, ${SYSTEM-TIME} and ${INCREMENT}
This to be included in documentation for future releases.