Map fails to zoom to selected row in query result in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


In SSA connect page, create and run a query.
In the results panel, click on any row.
SSA fails to zoom to selected row i.e map does not move to the selected object


This is a bug in SSA. Zoom to selection fails in two scenarios.

1) When data contains a column named "id". The name 'id' conflicts with the name that SSA uses as a primary key to identify the record. The zoom to selected row fails in that case since this action needs a primary key value.
2) When using SQL views for map layers


UPDATED: November 27, 2017
This issue will be fixed in SSA 13
Bug reference numbers:
CONN-35022 - Zoom to query selection doesn't work when we use an sql view
CONN-34870 - Query result is not highlighted on map if table has a column with name 'id'

Workaround is to rename any columns named id to something else and re-upload the data via map uploader.
No workaround available when using SQL views.
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