Resolve error "Requested variable not found" during composition phase in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)

Operating System: Windows / Linux



When an inclusion condition is added to a batch delivery channel in EngageOne Server, an error is occurring during the composition phase that the variable cannot be found, e.g. requested variable [MetaChannel] not found.

In the below example, the inclusion condition specified is: ${MetaChannel} = 'Paper' ; where 'MetaChannel' is a reserved type variable.

User-added image



A software defect was found with the Reserved type output variables, which when used in inclusion conditions caused exceptions errors.



UPDATED: November 28, 2017
The fix is included in EngageOne Server 4.4SP5  (4.4.5) - tentatively scheduled to be released in January 2018.

To find out the exact release date, contact Technical Support by emailing quoting reference CES-49534.