1080p video resolution option not available for Internet Explorer for EngageOne Video

Products Affected: EngageOne Video


Different browsers on Windows 10 have different quality settings available for selection, but 1080p option is not available for Internet Explorer.
These findings are noted below: 
·         Internet Explorer. 11.674: Shows videos in 720p and does not give the option of 1080p 
·         Microsoft Edge: Shows videos in full 1080p HD 
·         Chrome 62: Shows videos in full 1080p HD 
·         Firefox 57: Shows videos in 720p but allows selection of 1080p 


1080p video resolution is generally disabled for Internet Explorer due to IE has issues with both 1080p video playback *and* overlay timings.


UPDATED: December 4, 2018
User is not recommended to play 1080p video resolution on Internet Explorer.
However, it is possible to override the settings with an extension point code to enable IE to show 1080p video.
Please see attached code, VideoProfiles.php.
User can choose to enable 1080p video for Internet Explorer at their own risk i.e. issues with both 1080p video playback *and* overlay timings.

Please verify and contact the Software Support Team at if you have any query.