Query selection colour in print preview does not match the colour configured in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


The colour of the query selection can be configured in SSA. However, in IE browser this default color of the query is not changed when a different color is used.

Steps to replicate

1. Create a query in SSA 12 on Internet Explorer.
2. Change the default color from red to another color.
3. Check print preview or export PDF, the query color remains default red while the map appears fine.

This is specific to Internet Explorer. It works fine on Chrome.


It's a limitation in IE11/Edge browser.

SSA release notes lists the same under "Limitations and Known Issues in this Release" section.
"For IE11/Edge, only PNG format is supported instead of SVG format in this release. The only
limitation of this approach is that style annotation legend will not be shown on IE legend panel for
print. It will not impact on main page legend panel. The main page legend panel will work as it is
with SVG images. This fix will only impact the print functionality legend panel in IE11/Edge."


UPDATED: December 1, 2017
Use Chrome or Firefox
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