Business maps are not being displayed after an upgrade - Spectrum Spatial Analyst


Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) upgrade runs successfully and the SSA Connect page loads. However it only shows the Bing basemap but none of the business maps.


The Spectrum platform service was running under a specific user account prior to the upgrade. But after the upgrade the services revert to running as 'LocalSystem'. When Spectrum platform runs as 'LocalSystem' it may not have sufficient permission to access data on other servers or databases. This can cause failures when Spectrum attempts to load the business maps from the Spectrum Spatial repository.


UPDATED: January 25, 2018
Manually configure the Spectrum platform service to log on as a user with sufficient permissions. This can be done via Service->Right click and go to Properties for the Spectrum platform service. Then save settings and restart service.

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Products affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst