Layers with Custom Symbols Not Working Following Upgrade of Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA)


User had custom symbols in use on SSA 12. Those layers with custom symbols were working well. But after upgrade to 12.1, those layers fail and custom symbols don't show.



To allow using custom symbols, user had built a jar file for these custom symbols and placed it as recommended under <install_dir>/server/modules/spatial/lib (Spectrum Spatial docs recommend this) but the jar file was removed by Spectrum installer when user upgraded to Spectrum 12.1.


UPDATED: December 28, 2018
Rebuild the jar file for custom symbols and place into <install_dir>/server/modules/spatial/lib or if a backup of jar file is available, just copy and paste into folder.

Enhancement request has been added with Spectrum engineering to retain such custom files added across an upgrade. Will be available in future releases.
Environment Details