How to round numeric values for MRR layers in Spectrum Spatial Analyst layer legend


MRR shows well in SSA after upload. But the layer legend shows long decimal values. Is there a way to configure how the MRR legend display shows up? Users would like to round the numeric values.


This is a known issue in SSA and a change request has been logged with engineering(CONN-30292).


UPDATED: September 17, 2018
The fix will be part of SSA 13 release.

A workaround which improves the display is to modify the MRR by the user-defined transform and use breaks defined in absolute.
  • Open the MRR file in MapInfo.
  • Go to advanced color
User-added image
  • Choose to transform the drop-down value as “User defined” as in the following screenshot:
User-added image
  • In “Breaks table”, manually modify the values to have lesser or no decimal as applies to the data.
User-added image
  • Re-upload the layer into SSA repository. The legend in SSA should now reflect the modified values.
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