Resolve "GET request for "http://xxxxxxx:8082/OpenAM/json/EngageOne/groups/groupname" resulted in 404 (Not Found); invoking error handler" after install of EngageOne Server v4.4.4

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Versions affected: 4.4.4


Following installation of EngageOne V4.4.4 where all groovy scripts ran without issue (installation, validation, configuration) user is getting the following error when logging on to EngageOne:] GET request for "" resulted in 404 (Not Found); invoking error handler

Subsequent to this, the user is presented with a blank screen.


Open AM unable to retrieve nested Group structure from LDAP, for example:

Let say there is following logical structure of group membeship configured in LDAP:





We can read it like this:                     

user1 -> memberOf GroupA -> memberOf GroupB -> memberOf GroupC


GroupC has member GroupB

GroupB has member GroupA

GroupA has member user1

Currently when EngageOne retrieves the user details to authorise a user to access specific resources in EngageOne, all of the direct and nested groups for this user are searched.  If for some reason there is a problem retrieving the full hierarchy of the nested group an error is thrown.

EngageOne tries to retrieve the full nested group hierarchy.  In this instance because GroupB and GroupC is not loaded to OpenAM (because filters are specified) the error in the title is thrown, for example "Error 404 GroupXXX not found.


UPDATED: January 30, 2018
Version 4.4.5 of EngageOne is able to read this nested structure, so this error should not be thrown.