Resolve Asset Promotion template import service failure in EngageOne

Product Feature: Template Management



User attempting to import template into EngageOne using the Asset Promotion service receives the following error:

Asset type: AC does not match folder type: TEMPLATE.


Attempting to import Active Content assets into a folder created for Templates in EngageOne Admin.


UPDATED: March 7, 2018
If importing an asset the folder must exist prior to import.

• The assets to be imported must have the same directory structure as the destination directory where the import will be performed, and must also be of the correct type, either a template folder or an active content folder.
• The import directory must be accessible from the EngageOne server, in that environment.  For example, if an asset to be imported is in a directory that has not been defined in the destination directory, an error will display. This directory needs to be manually created or the asset import will fail.

The default import directory is: <active-drive-root>/promotion/import, where <active-drive-root> is the root of the active drive on the EngageOne server