Resolve Active Directory user can not login to Officemail


Active Directory User cannot login to Officemail and the user is not shown in the list of users on the admin page of Officemail. 
Full LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Officemail installation.

The LDAP import log shows the following: 
8 WARN PIOrganizationDataImportLibrary.DataStructures.UserDetails 
Following user could not be imported/updated since another user with same email/name already exist 
User Name : <user@domain>
User Email : <useremail@domain>
User Last Name : <last name>
User First Name: <first name>



The log file indicates that the LDAP service cannot delete a department and is receiving an error, it looks like there is a non-existing OU (Other Users) or department.


UPDATED: July 25, 2018
Check if the service is downloading other users correctly and if made any changes to LDAP service config file.

If the user was able to login before, it indicates that some user details are still present in the database. If you try to remove those details from the database, then LDAP service should re-add the user again.
You can look for the remaining details in the following tables on the SQL server:

Also, the reinstall of P/I OfficeMail creates 3 new databases. After installation you can backup all the databases.
After starting the LDAP service now all users should be available. In case of database problems while reading the AD (Active Directory) you can restore the backup databases and restart the LDAP service.
Environment Details

Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2