Resolve XML Report File encoding mismatch in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Printing-General Output



By default the in all the EngageOne Server bundles config-settings.xml file is set to UTF-8. The encoding of the XML output file created following the execution of Accumulated batch or Non-Accumulated batch is expected to be in UTF8 encoding.
However it was noted that the file encoding is in ANSI format and not UTF8.

XML Report File is configured in EO Admin > Delivery Management > Delivery Channels > Report Files.

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This was identified as a Product Defect in EngageOne Server.


UPDATED: April 12, 2018
Rectified in EngageOne Server release 4.4.6 (4.4SP6) (scheduled release April 2018).

To request a copy of this release, please contact Technical Support quoting reference CES-52306.