Resolve problems with multiple value fields/drop-down lists in ConfirmConnect running on iOS 11.1.x

Products affected : ConfirmConnect™


You discover ConfirmConnect™ is malfunctioning on certain iPads. Multi-value fields are not working properly; they either will not display, pop up again after you've selected an option, display the wrong options or show up are blank. For example:
  • You have clicked to select a second condition/observation but a box containing the options applicable to the first observation are popping up
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  • Option boxes are coming up blank
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  • Option boxes pop up again despite already having selected the option
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  • Pop up remains displayed, even when navigating different screens
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This problem appears to be isolated to iOS 11.1.x.

The ConfirmConnect engineers believe the problem exists as a result of a bug within iOS 11.1.x and has been fixed in 11.2.2 and above.


UPDATED: March 6, 2018
The only solution to this problem will be to upgrade to the latest iOS version.