Reprint process unable to print all documents in EngageOne Vault


When two invoice for the same account are ingested on same date only one invoice is getting generated in 'reprintoutput' directory. 


This was product defect before Vault. The naming convention for the temporary spool files used by the reprint process contained the account and date of the document. For accounts with multiple documents having the same date, this cause a name collision. This restricted reprints to one document per date for a given account.


UPDATED: March 28, 2018

This has been fixed in EngageOne Vault 7.4 so upgrading to version 7.4 or later version will resolve the issue. The fix alters the spool file name to use the job and document record offset. In Vault this pair is globally unique for a Vault data store. This then allows multiple documents with the same account and date to be reprinted as expected.


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