Resolve error “Item [x] has Zero Quantity, Cannot commit this variation" in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance


When attempting to commit a Variation in Confirm® you are getting the following error in the Preview Report:

“Item [x] has Zero Quantity, Cannot commit this variation.” Value of Variation is [xxx.xx]


The system thinks you are either trying to add a new SOR Item with a zero quantity or you are trying to remove "zero off" an SOR Item that does not exist in the Order Items table.

For example:

User-added image

Notice that the OLD Value doesn't exist above. In this case Confirm will think you are trying to Add an additional Item to the Order Items but at Zero quantity.

Alternatively, SOR Item 300.001 may exist in the Order Items table, but under a different Item Number. In this case, when trying to reduce/increase the value of an existing SOR Item, please use the Pick List  "..." next to the Item Number box


UPDATED: May 8, 2018
Given the cause above, please correct as appropriate.