Resolve inconsistency errors during scheduled Spectrum database backup


Log snippets from wrapper.log
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] The referenced relationship group record is not in use.
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] The relationship count does not correspond with the expected count.
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] The previous record in the target chain is a relationship between two other nodes.
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] The next record in the source chain does not have this record as its previous record.
WARN [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] Inconsistencies found
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] This node was not found in the expected index.
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] This label scan document refers to a node that does not have the expected label.
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] This node record has a label that is not found in the label scan store entry for this node
ERROR [o.n.c.ConsistencyCheckService] The relationship key entries in the store does not correspond with the expected number.
ERROR [DatabaseBackup] Error during backup result code


Database located in backup locations maybe corrupted.


UPDATED: April 27, 2018

Perform the following steps:

1. Save the entire backup folder located in /server/app/repository/store/archive to a different directory.
2. Delete all files within the backup folder.
3. Next time when scheduled backup (archival) process is executed, the errors will not occur.

If the issue persists, obtain the graph.db file and send it to Technical Support for additional investigation.

Environment Details

Product affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform 
Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX 
Versions: 12.0 onwards 


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