Missing dates in a structured journal from EngageOne non-accumulated batch

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)
Versions affected: 4.4.x



EngageOne® non-accumulated batch is outputting a structured journal and a report file.

In the structured journal some of the date values are missing, but the same variable is properly populating all the date values in the report file.


If output variables of type "string" are used in a DATE field for the Archive batch channel, some of the values were improperly validated.

Issue is only visible when there is more than one Archive channel in the delivery options attached to template. The date parser was distributed among threads which were dealing with particular channels so when there is more than one Archive channel, threads were interfering with each other during date parsing, which led to this problem.


UPDATED: July 20, 2018
Resolved in patch EngageOne Server., which can be obtained from on request.

A patch for 4.4.6 can be created on request, but this will be fixed in the next major release of EngageOne, 4.4.7, currently scheduled for release some time in early Q3 2018.