Resolving visit count bug in EngageOne Video

Product Feature: API / Integration


EOV - Issue with visit counts not incrementing when viewed on an IE11 browser on Windows 7.

There is an issue with the visit count in EngageOne Video when the end-client is using certain configurations of IE running on Windows 7.
We have confirmed that the visit count is not incremented when the end-client is on Windows 7(SP1) Professional machine with IE 11.0.9600.18860

On Windows7 Professional visit_count works fine on Opera, FireFox and Chrome, 
It also works fine on Windows7 Enterprise and the same version of IE11.


In a typical client landing page an iframe is used to redirect to a video player hosted on PB's own servers over a secure HTTPS tunnel. Internet Explorer 11 can occasionally lose session cookies when redirecting over https.  This happens when an invalid host name according to RFC952 is used.  If a url has underscores instead of hyphens for instance, its lack of compliance with RFC952 causes the cookie to be dropped.  The url in the case of this issue did include underscores which led to the cookie being dropped and as an end result the visit count was not incremented.
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UPDATED: May 24, 2018
The solution is to either host the test landing page and the video player on the same domain or to make sure that the host name is formatted in accordance with RFC952.