AFP with outline fonts viewed as PDF from EngageOne Vault V6.1 displays incorrectly on MAC OS Sierra V10.12.6


AFP output from DOC1Generate that contains outline fonts which has been loaded into EngageOne® Vault V6.1 displays incorrectly when viewed as PDF using a Safari browser on MAC OS 10.12.6:

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When AFP outline fonts are created by DOC1Generate, they are placed in a Type 1 font wrapper, and V6.1 of Vault was embedding Type 1 fonts as PFB, when the specification says PFA.  In the majority of viewers this was not an issue, but Safari on Sierra 10.12.6 it was specifically looking for the Type 1 PFA resulting in the view being scrambled.



UPDATED: July 5, 2018

This was resolved in a later version of the MAC OS (High Sierra 10.13.4), or by upgrading to V7.4 of Vault, where the Type 1 font wrappers were correctly processed.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Render
Versions affected: Vault prior to 7.4 and MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6


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