Required 150 pieces to First-Class automation letter 5-digit/5-digit scheme destinations not showing in MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™, all platforms, all versions


A mailing job was First-Class Automation Letters, and was showing some 5-digit/5-digit scheme destinations with less than 150 pieces.  A USPS Acceptance Clerk questioned the presort.  Per DMM 235 6.5a-
"5-digit/scheme: optional, but required for 5-digit price (150-piece minimum); overflow allowed."
(DMM reference as of May 2018)


The cause was that although there were at least 150 pieces to a destination, and the letters were legal thickness, they were so thick that 150 pieces would not fit into a tray.  And if there were too few remaining to make a second tray, those remaining pieces were being dropped down to another level in the presort.  So the presort documentation would only show the initial tray, with it's less than 150 pieces.  

The other pieces to the destination needed to be put into an overflow tray.  This can be done with position 20 of the ALG LV parameter.  A 'Y' allows overflow containers, or an 'F' rolls the pieces to the next level preserving the rate when possible.  See ALG LV parameter in the MailStream Plus™ (MSP) Guide for further information.
By default MSP turns overflow *on* with a Y for First-Class non-carrier automation letters.  But in the job in question, the mailer had used ALG LV with an 'N' in position 20 to manually turn *off* overflow in the mailing job.



UPDATED: March 12, 2019
Do not turn off overflow for First-Class Automation letters, unless you know that it will not negatively impact either the presort, or the presort's being accepted by the USPS.