Locating Incident Archive folder following failures in EngageOne Batch or NA Batch processing

Product affected: EngageOne™
Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)
Version affected: 4.4.6


NA-Batch processing in EngageOne fails with an error about the generated incident archive location: D:\PitneyBowes\EngageOneServer\batch\work\errors\2018-05-17-085016223-22_1

But if the user goes to that location, it is not the incident archive at all, but is a folder that simply contains a couple of files with a log that contains the name of the delivery option and the template.

The incident archive is written to a completely different location, namely the active drive\incident archive\dca folder.
Furthermore, it has a completely different name than the name reported in the log, making it difficult to correlate which folder belongs to which failure.

No customization for the path of the incident archive has taken place.



NA-Batch was incorrectly displaying incident archive location after a run which resulted with errors.


UPDATED: December 27, 2018
This issue has been fixed in EngageOne Server V4.4.8 where the Incident archive location is now properly displayed in the NA-Batch log