Scheduled operations not getting started on time in Portrait Dialogue


Execution of operations scheduled in the Portrait Dialogue does not start on time.


This could be caused due to large number of events queued up in Portrait system. This can create a high load situation which could slow down processing of operations scheduled. Number of events queued up for processing can be determined by executing following query on Portrait system database:
Select count(*) from SYSTEM_EVENT
If query returns a value more than ten thousand than queued up events may stop / delay processing of scheduled operations. This could be caused due to high number of end user responses coming from multiple campaigns sent due to year end or festive season.


UPDATED: August 9, 2018
As a workaround, events queued up can be processed selectively. To know the steps, contact Software Support with the output of below query:
Select * from SYSTEM_EVENT
Upgrading to latest release of Portrait Dialogue is also recommended.