Error: " No design metrics were found in the resource pack for the requested font" while running Batch in EngageOne 4.4

EngageOne 4.4.x


User is receiving the following error(s) while running Accumulated batch in EngageOne 4.4:

[2018-04-04 14:33:27,093 | WARN | com.pb.dca.doc1gen.ConsoleAppWrapperImpl] Console application class com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1genServer forcibly stopped
[2018-04-04 14:33:27,093 | INFO | com.pb.dca.doc1gen.ConsoleAppWrapperImpl] Console application stopped with exit code: "-1"
[2018-04-04 14:33:27,108 | ERROR | com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1ServerDocumentComposer] Unable to compose document
com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1DocumentCompositionException: Connection to DOC1GEN server has been lost

Console application error message: No design metrics were found in the resource pack for the requested font 'Arial' (10.0pt weight=400 charset=0).


NOTE: Error is misleading since user confirmed that there were no missing font resources in template or output device.

This error message is being thrown because the doc1gen process tries to write to the metrics file but the generate processes are in use when the next batch job needs it. It then retries until the Generate process is available so it can proceed.


UPDATED: July 5, 2019
We can fix this by increasing the value of the the 'dca.pool.size.maximum' property from '5' which is the default setting to a number according to the customer needs. 10 is the recommended number.

You can make this change in your composition bundle only or in your entire environment.

To change it only in the composition bundle:
1. Stop composition-service
2. Open and edit the config-settings.xml file in: composition\conf\config-settings
3. Find the 'pool.size.maximum' tag and increase the value from '5' to '10'
4. Save the file
5. Start composition-service

To change it for entire environment:
1. Stop core and composition service
2. Open and edit file.
3. Find the 'dca.pool.size.maximum' property and increase the value.
5. Reconfigure core, composition, and batch bundle
6. Restart services.