Error 'Unable to connect to Sagent DataFlow Service' while trying to login first time using Design Studio


After Sagent Design Studio installation on windows 10 machine, first time login produces following error :
Unable to connect to the Sagent Data Flow Service.
[Sagent error code: PlanMgrEnv -- 0x1, PlanMgrEnv -- 0xE] 
{SAISD.exe - 00000005 - 7/6/2018 08:35:52.811}
[Sagent error code: TP -- 0x2, TP -- 0x17] {SAISD.exe - 00000004 - 7/6/2018 08:35:52.811} 
[Windows error: 10060] Connection timed out.


There could be multiple scenarios:
  • Sagent DFS is not running. 
  • Sagent DFS machine is not reachable from client machine.
  • Server machine (DFS) is not allowing incoming connection.
  • Client machine is not allowing outgoing connections.


UPDATED: August 10, 2018

Ensure :
  • Sagent DataFlow server installation is successful.
  • Sagent Data Flow Service is running on the server.
  • Try to perform Ping <hostname of DFS> and check if server machine is reachable via client machine.
  • Server machine should have inbound rule created to enable communication on port where DFS server is intended to run (Default 31857). This can be known from tool such as portQueryUI (free download) which should be run from client machine.
  • Client machine should also have outgoing rule created to enable responses from server.


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