Error 'unable to purge work item of status -5, cause: Database error' when running purge in EngageOne Server 4.4.5

EngageOne Server 4.4.5


Receiving the following error in purge run when using the -delivered flag:

[Jun 08 09:48:35]|ERROR|PurgeProgramRunner|[main]|Error encountered
java.lang.RuntimeException: unable to purge work item of status -5, cause: Database error


This error is caused by the fact that attachments were used in the affected environments. Due to a bug present in the old version of procedure USP_S_PURGE_DOMAIN_WORKITEMS, one of the DELETE statements present inside the procedure can’t be executed successfully. Consequently, the whole process stops and reports an error.

NOTE: This error only occurs when using the -delivered flag when running purge.


UPDATED: December 7, 2018
The are two ways to fix this issue:

1. Contact Technical Support and reference CES-55987 to Run a SQL script provided by Engineering on the database. The script contains a changed definition of one stored procedure causing the whole issue.

2. Upgrade environment to EO 4.4.SP7 which includes the fix already.