Error screen "Invalid URL! If you copied/pasted or typed in this URL, ... " appears when clicking on a Dialogue Shortened URL

Product Feature: MHWU
Version: 6.2 (and 6.1.4.


Dialogue - URL Shortener not working
When clicking on a shortened URL an error screen shows up saying :
"Invalid URL! If you copied/pasted or typed in this URL, ensure you have included all the characters, with no extra punctuation."


This is a standard Portrait Dialogue error when the shortened URL key cannot be found in the database.

If this happens after an upgrade to 6.2 or to 6.1.4 hotfix 3 or higher then a likely cause is because in Dialogue 6.2 and (HF2) a feature was added to replace tilde characters.
This new feature to allow changing the ~ character to something else, requires that there is a default instance defined.
The code checks every time a shortened link is clicked, to see if the "~" replacement set or not. 
If the instance is known, it checks the known instance, if not the default instance is checked.
Since no default instance was assigned in this case, the process failed there, since it was unable to verify a tilde replacement.


UPDATED: July 30, 2018
You can check in the database to make sure the WEB_SHORTENED_URL record exists.
If the record exists, then make sure the default instance is defined.
This can be done in the Instance Properties in Dialogue Admin.