Sagent v6.8 64bit client installer hangs whilst installing on Windows 2012 R2


Sagent v6.8 64bit client installer hangs whilst installing the sagent client software on Windows 2012 R2, without any error and no sagent install log being created.
Note: even though this is the 64bit version of Sagent 64bit, the Sagent client software is 32bit.
Please see the attached screenshot named: installer_hang.png, to see the point the installer hangs.
For the message that should be displayed by the installer, which is not displayed, see the screenshot named: message not displayed.jpg


This case has occurred at a single customer site, and was not reproducible in-house.
It was deemed as an environmental issue, which was also supported by the resolution of the issue.


UPDATED: March 30, 2017

The hang during the Sagent install was resolved by the customer creating a new Vmware Windows 2012R2 Server image, and using a newly created template.
The Sagent installation succeeded without any errors on the new image.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows 2012 R2


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