Resolve issue where a site is not appearing in other schemas outside of the Central Site Register in Confirm



The site is visible within the Central Site Register but it does not appear (Dead or Live) within the Sites Register (or under Asset Register/Trees or Whole Site Species)


The reason why the site was not visible because it was never created for that schema. Same site can be retrieved successfully when trying to locate in Central Site Register.



UPDATED: March 30, 2017
To resolve the issue, site needs to be created for that schema. Follow the below process to create the site for a particular schema if site already exists in Central Site Register:
  • Open Site form 
  • Enter site code directly in the code field. Do not try to find the site. 
  • Site will be retrieved but some required fields are not filled and save button should be active. It means that, it has pulled the entry from Central Site Register and it actually does not exist in the database for that schema. This is the reason why site was not getting found. 
  • Fill those missing entries and save the site.
  • Now site can be retrieved from Site Register or Asset Register.