Resolve issue where Registration of Reinstatement notices are getting IGNORED in Confirm


Registration of Reinstatement notices are getting IGNORED in the system. It was sent in a correct sequence and status of the work was also in a correct state. 

Following screenshot shows that the Registration of Reinstatement notice is IGNORED :

User-added image



Registration of Reinstatement notice was ignored because the Notice initiation flag of the Highway Authority was not checked. 

The Registration of Reinstatement Notice is a special Notice which is meant to transfer between only Promoter and Authority. So if the Highways Authority does not have an Initiation Flag ticked then the system treats that organisation as an Interested Party and hence Notices transferred to that organisations are marked as IGNORED. 


UPDATED: July 19, 2017
Notice Initiation flag needs to be checked for the Highway Authority Organisation in order to overcome the issue. 

To check the Initiation flag in any organisation, following process needs to be followed :
  • Open the organisation and go to Additional tab
  • There should be a check box called "Notice Initiation".
  • Check the box and save it.
After checking the Notice Initiation flag, re import the Ignored notice through Notice Reprocessor utility.