Resolve error "Row changed between retrieve and update. No changes made to database. UPDATE order_header SET contract_area_code" when trying to create orders in Confirm

Product Feature: Contract Preparation


Client has a new contract and has been raising jobs but had not created any orders. Now when they try to create an order from a job they get a Data Window Error containing the following text 

Row changed between retrieve and update. 

No changes made to database. 

UPDATE order_header SET contract_area_code = ?, order_date = ?, order_status_flag = ?, order_type = ?, work_type_code = ?, order_print_count = ?, order_conf_flag = ? WHERE contract_code = ? AND order_number = ? 

For the is contract there is only one Work group configured 

You can go into Maintenance Management > Non-Routine Works > Order Details and create an order but you can then not save any jobs to it. 


The problem is that the Contract Price Factor has a Percentage Item associated with it that has a value of zero on the Contract BOQ.


UPDATED: July 19, 2017
This is a Software Defect.

The workaround is as follows :

Set the Percentage Item on the Contract BOQ To the correct value. This will allow the job to be saved.