Resource overwritten after AFP ingestion in Vault


Possible scenarios that can lead to font conflict is:
Two output AFP files that are to be ingested same profile. First AFP uses 'Arial' with font size 8 and 2nd AFP (with some modification done in the first one) also uses same font but with size 28. Hence, second AFP ingestion will overwrite the resource set in the distrib folder. Upon viewing the content of the first AFP, font sizes get displayed with font size 28 instead of 8.


This could be resulted due to the fact that second AFP files ingested, uses same resource set as the First AFP.


UPDATED: May 23, 2017
These are the Two methods to resolve this issue, either of which works fine.

1. Manually create new profiles for each distinct set of resources:



Thus, Dividing the profile and direct each type to its own resource set will end up this conflict.

Recommendation is to use ExtractCollisions=2 in this sort of configuration so collisions are detected instead of causing overwrites.

2. Use resource 'Deduplication'.

In versions starting with 7.2, you can use inline resource extraction with automatic resource set creation using the deduplication mode.


 Using 'ExtractDeduplication' will also automatically create resource sets.

 Using ExtractDeduplication=1 (in 7.2 and later), if any resources are added/removed/changed, a new resource set will be created (exact mode).
 Using ExtractDeduplication=2 (in 7.2.1 and later), resources will be merged into a compatible resource set or a new one will be created (merge mode).

  •  The rendering engine will automatically fetch resources from the server if it does not have a local copy. However, it does not update its local copy if the one on the server changes for some reason.
  •  Definitely avoid using TolerateMissingSignature and TolerateMismatchedSignature. They disable the signature checking between streams and xml journals.This mechanism helps protect against pages from one document being assigned to another, possibly belonging to a different customer.