Image Size and resolution getting changed while using External keyed images in EngageOne


Size of External keyed image placed in EnagegOne Generate/Batch/Web Service ouput is bigger than the actual image size.


This is a defect.


UPDATED: May 29, 2019

This has been fixed in 6.4M1 Maintenance and 6.5 Latest
To resolve the issue, upgrade EngageOne Key Map Generator and Doc1Gen to mentioned releases.

Upgrading to latest version of Doc1 Designer and EngageOne Key Map Generator will also help.

In case problem is faced in EngageOne Server (NA-batch and Web Service),

  1. Template will need to imported back to EngageOne Admin portal after publishing it from upgraded the EngageOne Designer.
  2. External keyed image package should be generated from upgraded EngageOne Key Map Generator and used in EngageOne.
  3. Upgrade EngageOne/Doc1 generate to latest version. Follow this link.