Resolve issue where images are not getting displayed while performing spam check for marketing emails in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Reports


While performing spam check on the marketing templates images/pictures of the various email services provides like gmail, outlook, etc. are not getting displayed as in the screenshot:

Spam test window


This could occur due to following scenarios​:
  • Firewall blocking the Pbs cloud URL
  • Expired license
  • Litmus URL not added to the trusted sites on the server



UPDATED: July 28, 2017
  • To check litmus URL is blocked by firewall, firewall logs can help. Following are the steps to get the default location of the Firewall Logs.​
    • Open 'Windows Firewall', and click the 'Advanced tab'.
    • In the 'Action pane', click 'Settings'.
    • In 'Domain Profile' tab, under 'Logging', click on 'Customize'.


The Default location for the Firewall Log is %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\Firewall\pfirewall.log.
  • To check license:
    • Open Dialogue Admin
    • Select Dialogue Server Host (usually server name)
    • Right click on the Dialogue Server Host and select 'properties'
    • In the Properties window, navigate to 'License Information' tab and look for Expires
  • The images/pictures of the email service providers have different URL and points directly to the litmus server and not to Pitney Bowes proxy service. Therefore, to view the images ' *' needs to be added in 'Trusted sites' in the web browser. Following are the steps to add the URL to the Internet Explorer
    • Launch the Internet explorer and navigate to 'Internet Options'
    • In the 'Security' tab, select the 'Trusted sites'
    • Select the 'Sites' button and replace about:blank with *
    • Close the 'Trusted sites' and 'Internet Options' window