Resolve Auto Submission console failed to start with crashes in OfficeMail


 Auto Submission console crashes as shown below on every start-up
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Restart Auto Submission Service, restart the server, and reinstall the whole “Auto Submission” application doesn't help; same problem persists.
While Autosub.log has following message:
Exception caught while processing 'Root element is missing.'


As suggested by the message in the Autosub.log, the 'Root element is missing.' indicates incorrect configuration.
This is likely due to the existing directories configuration files i.e. dircfg kept in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pitney Bowes\Auto Submission\dircfg has corrupted.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017
We suggest to move all dircfg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pitney Bowes\Auto Submission\dircfg out of the dircfg directory and check if this avoided the problem.
If yes, then check every dircfg with notepad some anything suspicious.
Corrupted dircfg file likely to be obvious e.g. partly missing or totally blank.
Once located the corrupted dircfg file, you will need to removed it and recreate it.

Please verify and contact us at if you have any query.
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