Resolve missing mailpiece on submitted job via Auto Submission in OfficeMail


Missing mailpiece when submitting a large PDF with many mailpieces via the Auto Submission console.
There may not be any indication of submission failure, but only part of the submitted mailpiece shown at the User Web Site.
While it is tested using the P/I OfficeMail Printer Driver that the Settings Group is correct i.e. manage to display the correct mailpiece count.


There is a known issue with large PDF (consists of many mailpieces, which expected to be split by Settings Group) that in case of low memory, only part of the mailpieces get submitted, while the rest failed.
The server available virtual memory simply not sufficient for all the mailpieces.


UPDATED: April 13, 2017
User would need to limit the number of mailpiece in a PDF file to avoid hitting the low memory threshold.
This can be find out by checking the number of mailpieces of the affected job that managed to get through.
We suggest it’s best to break up large PDF file into about 400 mailpiece chunks.

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