Mail360 Data Manager, (EngageOne Delivery Audit, EngageOne Inform) customer not getting scans for a Remit code



Mail360 Data Manager™ customer not getting scans sent to them from our Hub for a Remit code.
(Newer versions of MAIL360 Data Manager have been named EngageOne Delivery Audit, and currently EngageOne Inform.)


The user was using a new Remit code and had not registered it with the USPS Tracing people, nor on our Hub...


UPDATED: May 14, 2019
In order to receive Remit scans from the USPS and have them sent to a customer's Data Manager, two things have to be set up. 

The Remit code (usually the a full 11-byte ZIP/+4/DPC), has to be registered with the USPS, and the USPS set to send the scan data to our (Pitney Bowes Software) Hub.  

2) We have to register the Remit Code on our Hub, so the Hub knows which customer to send those Remit Code scans to.

Usually PBS can do both steps ourselves.  In some cases the mailer has kept control of the Mailer ID or Remit Code, so they have to talk to the USPS for step 1 to happen.