EngageOne: Determining the default installation path of EngageOne

Product Feature: EngageOne Interactive 3.x
Operating System: Windows


EngageOne gets installed in "C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM" though it was expected to get installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\PBBI CCM".


The default directory chosen by installer depends on the values of JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables of the Windows Server machine.


UPDATED: April 4, 2017
JAVA_HOME (path of JDK) and PATH (<JAVA_HOME>/bin) should be set correctly. Default installation will be C:\Programs Files folder if both have been set to 64 bit JAVA. In case path for 32 bit JAVA is set in both variables, it will be created under  C:\Programs Files (x86).

It is important to set up Java correctly in environment variables. Ensure both system variables point to the same instance of Java, otherwise different results can be observed.