The password for the Confirm asset user in the Test database has expired and been reset incorrectly

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Application Infrastructure
Database: applies to Oracle and MS SQL Server


The password for the Confirm asset user in the Test database expired. The user then reset the password to 'sbs' which is what they thought it should be. When they tried to log in, however, they received the attached ODBC connection error message. They then typed in 'sbs' as the password on this screen, only to get the Confirm error report as shown in the attached document.

The password for the Confirm asset user in the Production database is 'sbs'.


The password on Test cannot actually have been 'sbs' - this user was using a different password that they didn't record or remember. The unknown, original password is still in the Confirm configuration file (e.g. confirm.cfg) in encrypted form. This no longer matches the Confirm asset user's password in the Test database, newly reset to 'sbs'. This means that the user will be able to log onto the database successfully, using the newly reset credential, but not Confirm.


UPDATED: January 16, 2019
  1. All testing to be performed on 1 test client machine until proven.
  2. Always keep the backup of your original test confirm.cfg file, only modifying copies thereof or new ones.
  3. As a 'quick' win, because we now know that both the Production and Test passwords are 'sbs' at database level, you can attempt to copy the encrypted passwords from the Live confirm.cfg file to the corresponding locations in your Test confirm.cfg file. If this doesn't work then proceed to Step 4.
  4. Rename your Test confirm.cfg file and Confirm will therefore prompt for new Database Settings. Here a new confirm.cfg file will be created and you can set up the profiles afresh:
    • ensure the correct path to the Database Config. File
    • create each new profile in the 'Database Connection Details' section
    • choose the relevant Database Driver
    • enter a Profile Name 
    • enter the name of the TEST database server
    • enter Log-in name (the Confirm asset user at database-level)
    • enter password 'sbs'
    • choose the relevant Oracle or SQL Server driver for your setup
If you're stuck for what to enter in any of the above fields, you could reference the backed up cfg file or the Database Settings screen in Production (but do not of course enter the same Server name as Live!).