Inconsistent behavior of Non-Accumulated batch (NA) in consecutive runs in EngageOne Server

Product Version: 3.x
Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)



NA-Batch gives inconsistent results. With same resources, execution gives successful output for 'n' consecutive runs however it fails on next run. Exit code for first 'n' runs is 0 (which indicates successful execution) and output is produced successfully however in next run it returns 100 (which indicates execution failure), not producing any output.

2018/04/03: This issue has also caused certain EngageOne Content Author messages to not appear even though they should have.  In this situation, there were no error messages.


This could be due to un-synchronized threads between multiple Doc1Gen executing at the background caused by one of Doc1gen processes not closing properly and then leading to NullPointerExceptions and batch failure. It could happen in different moments of the failing runs.


UPDATED: April 3, 2018
Follow these steps as a possible workaround:

1) Open path of <Insall-Dir>/EngageOne/Active-Drive/Config-setting.xml. Keep backup of original file.
2) Search for namespace ''. Under <namespace name="">, change the value of below keys from '2' to '1'.
  • <key>workerThread.pool.size</key>
  • <key>recomposition.workerThread.pool.size</key>                                                                                                                                                      
Restart EngageOne Server for the above changes to take affect.