Resolve Confirm error "Thread was being aborted" while importing the notice

Product Feature: Street Works


There is an incoming EToN notice against an unattributable works which is failing multiple times with the error ‘Thread was being aborted’. 

When trying to import the notice through the Notice Reprocessor tool in Confirm, notice fails to reprocess with the following error:- 
Failed to send notice. File C:\Confirm\Reprocess\Source\EToN_20160503124146.xml Works Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reason: Failed to import file C:\Confirm\Reprocess\Source\Failed\EToN_20160503130333.xml OutOfMemoryException : Exception of type 'SystemOutofMemoryException' was thrown. 


The error "Thread was being aborted" is coming because the Unattributable Works was expecting the sequence 2 notice as an response of its acceptance or non-acceptance. However sequence 1 notice was received with the acceptance of Unattributable works as an response.


UPDATED: August 7, 2017
First check with the Utility on why they are sending the notice with the wrong sequence number. Ask them to send the Unattributable acceptance notice with correct sequence number.

As a workaround, change the sequence number manually from 001 to 002 in the XML and import the notice through notice re processor tool. It should get imported successfully without any error.

To change the sequence number manually, open the XML file in the notepad and edit the following tag: