Resolve "ERROR 30221: unable to find matching close tag" when loading XML in EngageOne Vault


When loading SPLITXML into Vault, the following error is encountered:

ERROR 30221: unable to find matching close tag


The way SPLITXML works, each tag under the top level document tag is treated as a single page, therefore.the SPLITXML parser uses a window equal to the maximum page size during parsing.

The default maximum page size is only 16MB so as a result, it cannot load enough of the page to see the closing tag.


UPDATED: August 3, 2017

The maximum page size in server.ini needs to be sufficient to store the amount of data in the top level page tag.

Here is the setting:

MaximumPageSize=64000000 (or whatever the value for the entire page of data)

This is covered in the Customizing Guide in Vault:

Maximum Page Size (Server.ini)
Some environments (most notably PostScript environments) have extraordinarily large sized
pages. This is due to the fact that Vault treats the entire header of the file as one logical page
which typically includes all fonts, images, and procedures required for the job and needs to be
able to store that 'page' within the buffers allocated within Vault.

Note: Unless there is a specific reason to modify these parameters, the defaults should not be
modified by any significant amount.

MaximumPageSize=16777216 (16 MB default)

This is the size of the Page Buffers in the system memory. The largest Uncompressed Page must
fit within this buffer. In PostScript this is usually equal to the size of the header of the file.

• Adjusting this parameter will affect the RAM Memory consumption of the e2loaderd and
e2serverd services. Unless this causes your server to begin swapping to pagefile or
running out of virtual memory, this parameter should not affect performance.
• MaximumPageSize in server.ini is no longer required for loading PostScript files under
version 7.0 of Vault and higher. The maximum page for any given PostScript file is now
determined automatically. MaximumPageSize may still be required for loading
datastreams other than PostScript. If this is already set and you load datastreams other
than PostScript, you may be able to reduce the values if the value was set to a large value
to acommodate loading of PostScript jobs.

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