MRR layer shows up with an opaque white background in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


An MRR layer's background can be made transparent in MapInfo via Table > Raster > Adjust Image Styles, tick the Transparent checkbox. However when this MRR layer with a transparent background is loaded into Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA), it displays with a white background.

User-added image

User-added image


There are currently some differences between the Raster libraries used in MapInfo and SSA at the moment. SSA is a little bit behind and does not fully support the same capabilities as MapInfo Pro at present. The issue is due to SSA not being able to correctly detect what the NULL colour is in the MRR raster file.


UPDATED: September 12, 2018
To resolve choose one of these options:

1) The simplest and best way to fix this is to apply "style override” in MapInfo prior to upload to SSA.
  • Open MRR layer in Mapinfo Pro
  • Right-click layer to open layer properties
  • Click the style override checkbox and verify that transparent checkbox is ticked for white colour. This step will set value for which colour on raster will be made transparent. The info carries over to named layer of SSA
  • Upload to SSA

    User-added image

User-added image

2) Add the RasterStyle tags, with the values below, to the .TAB file in order for SSA to correctly display the image.
  RasterStyle 4 1
  RasterStyle 7 16777215
  RasterStyle 9 1

For example:
!version 950
!charset Neutral

Definition Table
  File "Customer.mrr"
  Type "RASTER"
  (16727164.746040681377,-3891479.534289240371) (0,0) Label "Pt 1",
  (16852632.854373596609,-3891479.534289240371) (1024,0) Label "Pt 2",
  (16852632.854373596609,-4048314.669705382083) (1024,1280) Label "Pt 3",
  (16727164.746040681377,-4048314.669705382083) (0,1280) Label "Pt 4"
  CoordSys Earth Projection 10, 157, "m", 0
  Units "m"
  RasterStyle 4 1
  RasterStyle 7 16777215
  RasterStyle 9 1
"\IsReadOnly" = "FALSE"
"\MapInfo" = ""
"\MapInfo\TableID" = "0bb6f7d7-f20e-4549-8643-7b47c63e558e"

Environment Details
Products affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst.