"Unable to read member LDAP attribute" message in EngageOne Server 4.4

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Linux


When trying to configure the 'Security' bundle of EngageOne® Server an error message is shown:

[ERROR] One or more properties are invalid. Please fix your entries and re-run the target: 
[ERROR] [ldap.url = ldap://, ldap.member.attribute = member] Unable to read member LDAP attribute. 


A bug in the software stops the installer from working when using an LDAP server that is not Microsoft Active Directory. If using other LDAP server (such as OpenLDAP, ApacheDS) then the error will be displayed during the 'configure' step. The is due to a hard-coded LDAP filter value not being compatible with other LDAP servers.


UPDATED: August 29, 2018
This issue has been resolved in EngageOne Server 4.4 Service Pack 7 (SP7). Please contact software support to request the link to download the latest release from the e-store.